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24 El gerundio que no es gerundio

Summary ¿Estas confundido y no entiendes eso de los infinitivos y los gerundios? ¿Sabes lo que es una perifrasis verbal?…More

23 How to Give Feedback

Summary Best tips ever!!! In this episode I talk about how to give feedback. I share useful phrases and vocabulary…More

22 Online Class Etiquette

Summary Best tips ever!!! If you don’t want that other people think you are rude or unprofessional during your online…More

21 How to Write an Opinion Essay

Summary In this episode I talk about the basics of writing an opinion essay. If you don’t understand the basics…More

20 Two-word question words

Summary GRAMMAR  Questions are essential part of communication in any language In this episode I talk about the most common…More

05 Let me sleep on it

Summary What do you usually do when you have to make an important decision? Do you make your decisions quickly…More

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